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Holistic services

Earth centered practices, self-care modalities, healthy living interfaces…
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I employ various modalities under a multitude of settings:

Self care workshops for the caregiver

Self directed stress relief

Intuitive approaches to exercise

Energy balancing chi gong

Creative visualization

Assisted stretching

Healing sounds instruction

Deep ecology studies

Archetype – ology

Awareness exercises

Life coaching

Gardening as stress relief

Gardening with herbal medicines


As a holistic practitioner I have worked with people in chronic discomfort and those simply wishing to be at their best. I offer various chi based self healing techniques having been recognized as effectively addressing some neurological issues…

As a provider I also offer some approved continuing education  self care courses for massage therapists, care givers and those interested in deepening their understanding, see EAS, CET pages this website…



As an advocate for low impact exercise routines I regularly employ these techniques and have over the years found them to be helpful for my self and others wishing to improve their health in a way that doesn’t require strenuous physical workouts. In this I feel the bodies neurotransmitters offer their own drug-less approach to health’, this really amounts to the discovery of ‘the body as wise pharmacist’ we need only learn how to tap into,  through mindfulness and new learning, discovery. I will always try schedules permitting to make myself available to groups or individuals seeking these modalities.

A sampling few of the exercise sequences from Energy Advancement System (EAS) video library.

Energy Exercise Care for Caregivers


Therapists, allied health care workers

The EAS coursework meets or exceeds community health standards as age appropriate movement based options re an aging population, uses intuitive and planned routines, focused letting go of tension, balance training VOB activation etc, targeting health care workers with low impact, attention rich paths to staying healthy and full of energy. I tailor my workout plans to fit individual or group needs and have a library of resources to draw from that help me shift teaching styles and content coming from my wide experience with these arts spanning two + decades.

If preferring the full 38 min workout DVD can be purchased for $50.00 send me an email request…


Workshop opportunities inquiries welcome 


Please visit the Well blog for my thoughts on deep ecology – permaculture sustainability, updates on healing arts and new science discoveries.


To see a list of my recommendations, accolades, work experience please visit ‘About’ page…Thanks

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