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Tai chi exercise

                                 What is it?


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Information about holistic arts and services
Once again Tai chi is in the news exerting positive effects as a method of dis-ease prevention and health promotion.

Independent minds that think alike…? A student asked the teacher: “Will tai chi give me good character? To which the teacher replied: I don’t know about that but it will sure make a character out of you!!

Tai chi and chi gong classes are available for small groups, larger functions and scheduled wellness programming. Feel free to inquire via telephone or email address found below…


I offer a hybrid form of tai chi loosely based on classic forms that include the moves ‘parting the wild horses mane, ‘play guitar, separate hands and kick’ and many more.


Class can also be teachers choice’ that is allowing the tai chi art a rest instead practicing any one of many gong forms sequences cross trainings I have learned over the years. I like sharing these various practices Ive learned, but don’t pretend to be a master of any…..

Chi gong is a large part of every class with sessions consisting of both quiescent / mild constraint type and or free motion / light work variants. Lateral body swing, skiing exercise use guided momentum based and slight balance challenge stance variants, cross trainings that help loosen up tight bodies, tune up the brains balance center and simultaneously help instill a sense of verve.



Tai chi class consists of:


Warm up`s ~ Chi gong

Forms practice (hybrid form)


The video link highlighted below shows a few energy exercise sequences, clicking on the link will take you there.


Energy Exercise Care for Caregivers


I also teach in depth courses for care givers as noted elsewhere on this webpage. The DVD I have available is based on this material and can be purchased for $50.00 send me an email request or call number below.


Some tai chi facts:

1. Tai chi is good for you!!!


2. With energy medicinals like tai chi, many physicians say you can learn to manage chronic pain, difficult conditions, stay limber and flexible in non-force ways.


3. With regular tai chi practice, fewer inanimate objects may be threatened by your presence!!!


4. With energy medicinals like tai chi a person can find a new way to be, or rediscover some part of oneself, or just plain feel terrific.


Tai chi explanation continued`


Tai chi, the legendary slowed down body motion exercise art is today a worldwide phenomena. Known for its flexible use as a cross training regimen tai chi is usually practiced slowly, consisting of a series of linked postures imitating movements found in the natural world. Tai chi is a powerful holistic self-care tool having a wide use range and so, the unique ability to offer advantages to people with many different needs. In Asia for instance, the art is often practiced as a way help prevent and manage stroke and heart problems, diabetes, balance disorders, leg pain and neurological conditions. (Lancet 2010)


Tai chi uses planting stances that encourage strength, balance and focus. The movements are practiced at a slowed pace so as to bring focused awareness to kinds of unified body motion activities. Tai chi has been in the news for many years as a preventative against falls in older individuals (JAMA 1995, 98,). Its soft flowing body movements feeding back the signal for relaxation and energy together build confidence, the nervous system likes this. Like any well thought out exercise plan the body motion of tai chi is always modified to suit your needs, once properly learned can be practiced fast or slow.


Tai chi is a healthy focus for all ages including seniors. The tai chi art directly addresses issues around increasing ankle strength, a factor crucial to good balance. The benefits of ankle strengthening occur along with foot alignment / positioning which in turn can help with arches, also, benefiting the hip region and low back. It makes sense when there is less pain (= decompressed nerves) stress is reduced emotional tension is relieved. From the top down tai chi uses the idea of plumb line suspension, for example imagining a string is suspending the uppermost point on the head from the sky, allowing the sensation of skeletal extension without undue tension. The expanded art contains circular and linear coordinated upper and lower body movements, points alignment,  fulcrum leverage, angle adjustment, stretching, circular ranges of motion, stepping patterns, breathing focuses etc.


The philosophic attributes an ancient system based in nature communion..

Shen = heart treasure
Chi = energy
Jing = essence
these are all strengthened with practice.

What this might mean to modern science may not seem important to (esoteric) practice yet, evidences for these arts ability to help code for strengthening DNA appears unchallenged for now.
Journal Alternative Complement Medicine. 2005 Feb;11(1):29-39.

Genomic profiling of neutrophil transcripts in Asian Qigong practitioners: a pilot study in gene regulation by mind-body interaction.


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