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CET Cranial

CET    Cranial Energy Technique


Massage Therapists Allied Health Care Workers, learn a series of techniques hand positions critical to Cranial work, used both as a primer to deeper study and as a self-applied transformational healing arts stress relief tool set

5.5 CEU`s offered

Investment: 99.00


Get healthy results, learn what some instructors take 20 years to teach!




The course work offers a set of easy to do Cranial based self-care techniques,  functional stress management repertoire, clinical somatic studies.

CE credits available 5.5

Note: This Course is Experiential… see contraindications section CET course materials.

The download function operates through 3 separate download – lesson plans sections, with the test section being sent with section 3 reading and study guide.
The three reading / practicum sections are purchased for 33.00 a piece or all at the same time 99.00, depending on the choice you make. This divvying up allows interested students to take the time to absorb the material before proceeding on to the next section as well, the non therapist reader to enrich their understanding without exercising the need for taking a test at end of course. Sections cover brain anatomy, cranial theory, neurotransmitters and more.


Some articles on Craniosacral Therapy

Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial.



General Movements in preterm infants undergoing craniosacral therapy: a randomised controlled pilot-trial


Utility of craniosacral therapy in treatment of patients with non-specific low back pain. Preliminary report.


Craniosacral Therapy for the Treatment of Chronic Neck Pain





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To purchase course hit ‘Buy’ button which after purchase will take you to the digital media download page. The course is offered in three downloadable sections approximately 30 pages each, practical exam is taken at end point via a separate purchase section.

Note: The download link will expire after a short while, so its important to click ‘OK’ when being prompted. For this reason you might need to try again if there is a delay and log out feature has already kicked in.

This system allows some security to our sites download capability as the functional window only allows one download(S) per applicant. Since there is only one download allowed per student participant, if expiration of the link occurs the student will have to resubmit the request to the link.

Upon completion of course work and sending back test for grading and fulfilling testing requirements, students will be issued a Certificate of Completion bearing the course title, date of course, this groups approved provider number, number of clock hours being awarded for the continuing education course, in Jpeg digital format.
If experiencing difficulty with the download process students can contact us by calling 561 429 9183  or writing to:

Positv AT Note: please change the AT to @ in your email..Thanks

Review this sites other pages for info related to the broader coursework.

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