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EAS Coursework

EAS Energy Advancement Systems Self Care Course offering Live & Online certifications.  audio video book series       Massage Therapists   14 Hours  CEU Accreditation

By MD Fairchild CST, CGI,


Attention therapists and all persons desiring energetically balancing and cleansing workouts, this course features low impact therapeutic cross trainings and combined stress management tactics bringing potent synergizing models of new learning, to the working therapist. With this course therapists can access cutting edge therapeutic techniques and their concepts grasping. These gentle routines are now recommended by the prestigious Guide to Clinical and Preventive Services. The American College of Rheumatology says tai chi exercise affords profound impacts on health as improved executive function, better kinesthetic and tactile function, balance and gait and more. Exploring as a basis kinds of evoked neuro kinetics are measured through comparative data driven analytic`s and self study. This course both puts into practice applied active concepts via video and or live instruction, reviews indexed subject matter, invites open self-assessment, intersubjective explorations, deep somatic`s clinical and self efficacy standards.

The workshop series innovatively follows the work of Cannon and Selye but travels on vigorously updating the science and biology of stress reduction through a variety of energy balancing exercises, employing principals of kinesiology and in the zone meditative workouts. Textbook has points locations, anatomy and massage techniques, Reiki studies, discussion offering updates exposing the ‘science of transformation’, as it has emerged over the last 30 years. Health care workers can search extracted list of definable terms below for expanded course contents.
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Live courses are offered twice per year. Inquire about hosting a workshop in your area.

A Holistic self-care givers guide to staying balanced, 100 + e-format pages comes with extended video workouts 28 sequence meditative body mind neuro-diverse entrances.

Massage body workers, allied health practitioners, life coaches, this course offers a set of well thought out evidence based approaches to healthful living, kinds of focused stress reducing self-care, self-applied massage ~ Reiki like practices and numerous salutary low impact exercise routine.

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Exercises giving back more energy than they require for completion’…

The course work materials function as:


Mind body interventions with applications in neurology


Courses self-assessments allow discovery of pretest-to-posttest shifts,


Offering multidisciplinary self- treatment options


38 min  video classroom


Overview of age appropriate routines,


Examines exercises appropriate for Alz and Pd patients


Provides examples of constraint  type, focused agility training


Has clinical relevance in falls prevention


Addresses flexibility maintenance


Coordination challenges


Sensory motor improvements


Effective at boosting behavioral and cognitive benefits


Effective in avoiding cognitive decline


Shows positive results on Berg balance scale testing,


Timed up and go’


Programs recommended for caregivers as self-care strategies and well received planned treatment options, therapies for care givers and patients alike.


Kinds of tele-prevention the included video employs multiple conjoined themes:

Meditative body movement, mindfulness action-ing, bio-dynamics, attention fielding, light work, plus creating the space for some playfulness…

Energy Exercise Care for Caregivers’ To watch video excerpts click on the link..

Energy Exercise Care for Caregivers

This course strongly exposes a new medicine paradigm as workable techniques and practices, linked meditative actions and vivifying routine. The written programming works via multiple channels, discussion based formats dissecting the video workouts basic premise of active relaxation and engaged sensing techniques ect. The workbook offers numerous examples of therapeutic optioning, techniques used in addressing thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica, TMJ, and several others. Text study guide lists neurogenic dis-ease that have a good track record in responding to applied techniques given in the video feeds and textbook sections.

Consisting of 28 gentle chi exercise non-force ROM` the course video acts as tool for the busy therapist to directly uncover the principals of a subtle kinesthetic combined with classic stress reducing, grounded, suspended posture decompression moves.


Inviting a ergogenic hands on approach to understanding energy medicine self care use-procedures their wider application, the audio visual layout engages various dynamic and quiescent regimens, immersing the student in exercises recognized for aiding spinal health, gait training, VOB activation, heightened executive function, easier breathing and more.

An invitation to experience mental and physical verve through whats known as the conscious employing of stimulating balancing pastimes known for building immunity and physical power, these are examined for their value as being in alignment with community health standards guidelines for stress reduction and personal goal setting, via in-depth self-awareness, assessments and intensive cross disciplinary study.

The course broadly examines and offers plans for implementing diverse holistic science well rounded criteria, occurring via safe and easy to do self-referential, directed awareness building routines as well, intensively examining the many charted effects and some possible contraindications, according to the most recent up to date studies.

List of definable terms A-B+Z

abdominal breathing, patterned

abdominal diaphragmatic movement

accepted life-change strategies

acupoint locations

acromioclavicular pinch syndrome

active relaxation


adaptational strategies

addictions, addressing

adhering energy to the spine

adjusted pressure techniques

adrenals, overstimulation, overload

age appropriate /  age specific workouts

aging, population

air doping


alzheimer’s disease

amygdala, dominant characteristic


ankylosing spondlythesis, contraindication

anti aging


anti-arrhythmia effects

anticipatory reflexiveness, addressing

anxiety, addressing

apparent hip height discrepancy

arm arterial stenosis

arousal, sensory

architectural stacking

assessing  self care

asthma, exercise induced

attention fielding

atmospheric pressure changes, re baroceptors

autism spectrum disorder


autonomic regulation  / dys-regulation

avoidance / aversion, pain

awareness, positional

awareness shifts

awareness trainings




Becker, Robert

best practices

better relaxation


birth trauma

bio energy storage and release

bio-field,  potentiality shifts

bio-entanglement physics

biological clock

brain shrinkage

brain wave shifts theta, alpha and epsilon….


c-y   not listed here, see index EAS course
zoomorphic exercise


An in depth overview offering intensive work study, the course lives to shed light on ancient systems of healing seen in a modern light via the foremost recent advancements regards the subject of human potential. This offered in a way that can help enlighten students towards understanding the  multifaceted array of alternative healing self care technique available today, inviting better informed practitioners building their own self care routines.


Now… its time for a fun ‘favorite quote…..


>>>>>    Methodological limitations exist with low energy expenditure protocols performed at baseline AKA, rumination disorder’!   Author unknown


Attendee comments;…I thoroughly enjoyed the pacing of the course and found the exercises very effective in awakening and stimulating muscles, breath awareness and how it allows the body to tell me what it needs, through therapeutic exercise. Kathy K. West Palm Beach

My Bio.. A long time craniosacral therapy practitioner, Panchakarma therapist, eco-artist, musician,  holistic healer, chi gong practitioner having absorbed several  traditions, to see list of some formative associations go to ‘About’ page… Thanks.

adressoursehomeApproved Provider Logo final paths


Here`s how it works:

Coursework and video files can be downloaded by clicking on the buy now button on the next page. Go back to the top where it says EAS Coursework cont to purchase coursework options. Massage therapists desiring to take the course and receive CEU`s send me 100.00 upon receipt of which I send you a DVD of the exercise video portion / written course work materials. To take the full course and receive certificate of completion which enables recognition of earned CEU credits you will need to send another 50.00 to the address below, or pay through my paypal account and upon receipt of your check I will send out test in email form. To receive CE credits for this course students must keep record of practice times as per building special self care assignments which work to help us assess and promote students level of comprehension.  Also, the exercise video alone can also be purchased for 50.00.

Practice times need to be documented and sent back via email in order to receive CEU credits. Failure to document practice times and return said documentation will result in not receiving Certificate of Completion.

M D Fairchild Po Box 611 High Springs Fl. 32655

Extended explanation, information, purchase site for this course can be found on the sister page this website. Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment.


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