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EAS Coursework Buy

 EAS Energy Advancement Systems A Caregivers Guide to Wellbeing Online subscription / Live course intro- Audio video Active Learning e-content series    By MD Fairchild CST, CGI, WP


14 CEU`s

This page offers further explanation of the course materials and requirements, purchase option(s)

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Key words: Massage & body work approaches
Somatics /self care
Evidence based healthful living tactics
Focused stress reduction
Holistic therapies deep explorations.

Scientific reference tools

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The EAS Course 1 consists of therapeutic`s self care techniques, cross trainings and combined stress management as  experientially driven practical body wise approaches therapists and others can use, to upkeep their health.

Massage body work and allied health practitioners, this course offers a set of well thought out evidence based approaches to healthful living, kinds of focused stress reducing self-care, self applied massage, Reiki and numerous salutary low impact exercise routine.

Extensively researched the coursework follows on the knowledge advancements of the last 30 years by both examining and through direct means, engaging new-learning based exercise plans, while topically addressing multifarious aspects common to todays clinical energetics – therapeutics arts landscape.

Adding to the broader notions of self-health care options the course exceeds  through active learning and updating skill sets focusing on new standards, towards training therapists core competencies in unique ways.

The course features charts showing point locations, employs the principals of muscle acu-pointing and kinesiology combined with numerous step by step guidance, supporting in the zone meditative workouts. The coursework also instructs some light-work applications and can be employed as per reading a clients energetics with non touch methods.

The 38 minutes video contains a set of flowing active restraint upright and  lowered stance based exercises, stretching and core balance techniques, offering an extensive  self / other-care platform therapists can draw from, for building skills and boosting energy at work, in daily life.

Consisting of 28 gentle workouts, the video Energy Exercise Care for Caregivers (see video link below) features chi workouts, non-force ranges of motion and techniques for helping to self-instill adroit body sensibility.

The course acts as a tool for the busy person or working therapist to directly uncover the principals of a deeper relaxation response combined with supple kinesthetic grounded, suspended posture, therapeutically useful decompression tactics, in clearly exhibited formatted routines.

Inviting a  ergogenic hands on approach to understanding energy medicine and the idea of safe ‘authentic body movement’ to self-care use-procedures, their wider application, the audio visual layout engages various dynamic and quiescent regimens and explores how they fit into todays models for prevention.

Immersing the student in exercise plans recognized for training deep relaxation while aiding spinal health and or by using gait trainings causing VOB activation, research describes such tactics ultimately leading to heightened executive function, prefrontal cortex (PFC) activation,.

The course employs structured and intuitive body learning, posture, planned and uncontrived body motion entrances,  looks at ‘energy typology’ etc, instructs through downloadable text book format, audio video and digital downloads.

Feedback option is available on an individual basis.

If you`re still reading then it means you are interested…

This course works in unique ways introducing stress reducing self-care to therapists and employs anthropometrics study for example, how exercise even the gentle kind can over time, change body presentation and body feeling, via awareness practices and subtle adjustment to posture, among several other mind body self efficacy training`s.

Strongly exposing a new medicine paradigm

The written programming works via multiple channels, through discussion based formats dissecting the video workouts, then offering numerous other examples of therapeutic optioning, addressing thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica and lists some potentially preventable causes of neurogenic dis-ease that may respond to the library of relaxation and postural adjustment, subtle training`s examined in the textbook sections.

Energy Exercise Care for Caregivers To watch video excerpts click on the link..


Diverse methods give practical recommendations as they teach being in the zone’, meditation as a route for dealing with PTSD, or addressing thalamic activation issues employing meditative movement interventions,  pursed lips breathing and others.

                         Tai chi can treat heart failure’    The British Heart Foundation 2011

Early research focused on tai chi practice having the ability to prevent falling episodes in the elderly, even 6 months after the practice was stopped (JAMA 1995). At its most basic tai chi has been called a martial chi gong, embracing the principal of non-contention via awareness training so often reported as, leading to healthy effects.

Examples are many of the ways these programs can work..

Through modulation of the stress response leading to diminishing illnesses in the body and from there, the science of transformation describing various important findings:
It is widely accepted but only verified through recent studies that training various stance-work, postures can boost testosterone 20%. (Dr Memet Oz)

Useful to both men and women such shifts when activated can add life to ones years! From basics to advanced techniques while not a panacea health care workers can benefit their professional understanding and create better health, by employing these easy structured workout activities.

3 sections, 150 pages with authors illustrations, references, sections buzz word search clues.. Students are encouraged to do searches based on listed search criteria in order to make determinations,  uncover updated research findings in order to best answer test questions. See Definable terms previous page…
After purchasing you will be sent a link and password to a download site containing the course work, text, test question active Pdf document and video exercise programming. Certificate of completion is awarded upon return of test plus extended coursework studies detailing self care tactics building, comprehension via email.

Note: The course is experiential, see contraindications lists.

Attendee comments;…I thoroughly enjoyed the pacing of the course and found the exercises very effective in awakening and stimulating muscles, breath awareness and how it allows the body to tell me what it needs, through therapeutic exercise. Kathy K. West Palm Beach

My Bio.. A long time craniosacral therapy practitioner, Panchakarma therapist, eco-artist, musician,  holistic healer, chi gong practitioner having absorbed several  traditions, to see list of some formative associations go to ‘About’ page… Thanks.

Students can register for taking the course by clicking the ‘buy now button at top of page.

Discount options: When purchasing the course work the ‘buy button page will show a text box where upon entering the coupon code exactly as it is written Self -care capitalized and with the – sign in between the words self and care, the system will recognize this and charge you the discounted rate. This discount is available for a limited time.

Note: The entire package amounts to about 500 mega bytes so it may be more practical for those with less storage capability to download the text items separately from the video, which measures about 250 megabites.

Note: the link will expire after a short while, so its important to click ‘OK’ when being prompted. For this reason you might need to try again if there is a delay and log out feature has already kicked in.

This system allows some security to our sites download capability as the functional window only allows one download per applicant. Since there is only one download allowed per student participant, if expiration of the link occurs the student will have to resubmit the request to the link.

Upon completion of course work and sending back test for grading and fulfilling testing requirements, students will be issued a Certificate of Completion bearing the course title, date of course, this groups approved provider number, number of clock hours being awarded for the continuing education course, in Jpeg digital format.
If experiencing difficulty with the download process students can contact us by calling 561 429 9183  or writing to:

Positv AT Note: please change the AT to @ in your email..Thanks

A DVD can also be mailed to you if download is not a practical option.

* To listen to video background music sample go to Meditation Music page on this site.

Review this sites other pages for info related to the coursework.

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