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Evolutionary exercise How the Five Lobed Finned Fish and other discoveries may help shed light on ways to disrupt chronic pain cycles..Key: Meditative body movement, subtle activations, cross species deep brain similarities, new learning.


For breathing considerations, posture, stance-width please refer to EAS Coursework


 More thoughts…

Fish men or ‘how did that guy get on dry land?’ 

New learning scenarios alternative exercise of various kinds deep breathing ect suggest human bio-technological adaptations anyone  can achieve admitting real effects. This particular exercise uses the swimmers muscle complex in a way similar to a gentle glide through water  it is not swimming however, usually done standing and with as little tension as possible.

Supporting the physiologic effects of deep thalamic stimulation, scientists use probes (ouch) to assess and treat patients where they see positive results for Parkinson`s sufferers, treatment affecting spatiotemporal parameters of gait (gait speed), attention improved but executive function did not’ , while research describes several benefits to afflicted persons receiving the protocol. Eliraz Seri-Fainshtat, Zvi Israel, Aner Weiss, Jeffrey M Hausdorff

In contrast to mechanical or overt electrical signaling which would require puncturing the skin, intenting methods use mind will to direct body mind to do things from inside out, having similar effects as technologies, while instead working to strengthen the force of mind and thus inviting some executive functioning, over time. In this case mobilizing the shoulder and arm in a way which stimulates these deep brain areas acts much like technological systems, yet without the dangers of infection. Done properly the motion lightly stretches the muscles of the shoulder girdle levator complex and can have a salutary effect on neck congestion. This kind of relaxed easy motion can amount to a subtle self-coding one initiates on ones own, causing brain integration and pain perception shifts.

Vestigial reawakening practices can exist as simple and ordinary responses, chewing gum popping ones ears and so on, in this one can perhaps find relief from various blockages. The particular method described in the paper exists as a encoded response aiding natural swimming capability in all creatures, the downwards and rearwards undulatory / retraction, approximation actions at the glenohumoral joint, showing joint protective function.

Accessory or alternative exercises strongly give new models for movement as they may also use vibratory type movement or work at a subtle micro level to accomplish some goal, those that may be in-obvious on the surface. Typical understanding goes something like this: a smaller movement on the outside produces a larger force of energy on the inside’, which can seem paradoxical?

The cleansing action of smooth rotational type movement clears joint surfaces and differs from stretching as it doesn’t require any challenge the normal healthy and or, compromised joint. Some people with joint problems may need to speak with a physician before beginning new exercise plans) A related joint opening exercise evokes the sense of imagining oneself in water above the waist but below the neck ( ie; head well above water) and sensing buoyancy and rooted-ness as combined physico emotive / mental perspective.

Bringing together with the overall exercise sequence, finding a non-force stance invites near self- tractioning, spinal decompressions. At the moment of rolling back the shoulder (and breathing out gently) can engender thalamic activation / shunt, reduction of pain signal  occurring through employing the movement with soft, round, almost effortless action.



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