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Arts & Innovation


“He for whom nature begins to reveal her open secrets, feels an irresistible longing for her most worthy interpreter, ART.”  Goethe

This page hosts video links exhibiting solar / battery powered light-up sculptural assemblages, motion detection activated artwork towards a culturally responsive social practice direction, regarding new design concepts.



Art Machines

Titled Aversion of Shape (could be titled Aversion to Solar or maybe ‘invisible solar`s reminder’ ?) the piece contains a lamp that only comes on when the sun is out, a simple light-on illustrating the photon to electricity principal or, ‘light when you dont need it’, no battery storage at this point…


Click on aversion


Gazing Through Time’ Solar Light – Up Art

The video link below ‘Gazing’ emotes a rethought image laid behind recovered plexiglass,  with solar cell fragments positioned underneath and wired together, a self contained low power generator light up wall hanging, charges small batteries, runs LEDs.

Creations incorporating solar cells into artwork require setting cells in series or in parallel wiring configurations so as to generate a small amount of current capable of lighting some LED`s ect. Many of the cells in this piece are irregular and some rectangular unchipped a mixed bag that outputs in the 12 volt millampere range, fueling two AA batteries. Unit is switchable between multicolor facing LED`s and lamp LEDs fastened into art lamp

Click on link below to see a short video.

Gazing Through Time                    IMG_1012

Gazing   <<  Click on the LINK


IMG_3698                                                          IMG_5628                                                                                                                     
                           Organic forms pvc slag r
ecover sculpture has solar cells repurposed from solar walkway lights, runs Doppler generator using battery power, on display Art Basel 2015 event @ The Bridge Winwood district Miami


click on the highlighted text below to view short video



Some best case examples of STEAM concepts (STEM+ ART) energy generating renewable infrastructure / art forms is LAGI Land Art Generator Initiative which holds competitions designed to stimulate new ideas the ways we think about arts and energy production. See



spaintleinset        inset (2)        solar art 3rd phase inset




Mark solar paintel©         < Click the highlighted link to view artwork in action

Click The Link above to see short video demonstrating its…

The Solar painting project is an ongoing avocation spanning 2010-2017 living as a demonstration of how to use old broken solar cells wired together to produce a low power, low wattage, utilitarian (?!@X,*)  art pieces. Made by sinking wired together cells in epoxy, then using somewhat opaque images applied to the surface allowing enough light to pass through to light up LED`s or do other things. Light up tape added to the frame make a self contained light up free-energy sculpture. Some pieces also have cell phone charging capabilities. More is in the works.






On right first phases solar cells linked together showing initial background colors. The broken cells still produce electricity but because of their less than uniform shape fail to generate appreciable current. Solar cells wired in series rather than parallel steps up current but in the case of breakage here allows 17 volts in bright shade and only in the milliamperage range. While not enough to do a lot it is a fun approach to ‘making’ offering itself a malleable chimeric element affording a variety of incarnations/ creations / functionalities.


The piece was previously on display for the 2011 Outside the Box show in West Palm Beach Florida, Arts Boynton and  in other incarnations. Miami Mini Makers Fair IMG_0879

IKAS  2o15    Pronioamcw                                 pronoiafmetacc3203 (2)

Click on the link above to view interactive sculpture…<<<
Pronioa of Metallo-Crystalline Wobble’  International Kinetic Arts Symposium in Boynton Beach Fl

Interactive sculptural form reacting to the Human presence. Hmmmm…..

The recent admission 2/2015 by certain television makers of the lack of built in privacy features allowing third parties to turn on television sets thereupon acting as broadcast stations themselves admits the depth and severity of an all American Orwellian issue: The complete loss of the expectation of privacy owing lax regulations, too complex technologies for the users to comprehend and industry slyness / buy-in`s, in regards foregoing honoring customers legal privacy rights.

Vicarious, low tech ingratiation, the interactive piece I have created lets you know your presence is noted, just the opposite of surreptitious spying so much discreet technology invites. This art work piece heartily jabs at the present state of affairs while working a switch in back turns off motion detection / wobble. providing nighttime ambient lighting, eco aware infotainment…


Some ideas that inspire…


At the recent 2015 International Kinetic Arts symposium our group partnered with Hack Lab Boynton to offer the AFEC challenge. AFECT (Alternative Free Energy Capture Tryout) is a platform where interested artists can partner with technologists in building works of art that ‘do stuff’. The art show followed free workshop dates (3) sponsored by us that coincided with the arts event focusing on kinetic and sculptural works. To see some past arts events our group has sponsored visit:

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