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Phytofarma Studies


 with Wholistic practitioner, Pharmacognocy researcher MD Fairchild





farmas see also About’ page

Reconnect with nature at local share-shop`s, experience her gifts, explore special plants and alternative self-health care optioning. 


Workshops focus via plant medicine science and looking through the lens of food forests as functional agents of change, the larger effect  forest farming of medicinal herbs can provide, as restorative earth centered outreach activities, income generators.



 gmelina asiatica

Share information on the arts and sciences,   


 Visit healing gardens,



Explore source herbology,


GO-TO >mimosa sensitive plant        Video                                                                                                                                                                                                               Witness deep human / plant interrelationships  Click on the link above and see Mimosa sensitive plants actin muscle protein at work!


Write to me if you are interested in attending Herbalism based study courses in the North Florida Region

Email: Rxpimento “AT”    Note please replace the ‘at’ with the @ symbol in your email. This reading protects me from spammer bots, Thanks


Workshops explore a present vibrant environmental renaissance focusing on knowledge of plants and uses of known medicinal species. As a compliment some important plant species will be shared on display.

Previous workshop Spring 2016   schedul

Group will meet at  a location TBA upon receipt of the required number of participants (5-10).


Scholarships may be made available if: The student demonstrates an inability to pay, or may be of help in identifying plants, depending upon level of expertise, Email me.







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