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Phytofarma Plant Medicine


 with Wholistic practitioner, Herbalist, Pharmacognocy researcher                        MD Fairchild





I am a Herbalism educator and consultant  


I work with individuals who wish to explore their health care options, hold workshops that focus via plant medicine science looking through the lens of reconnecting with nature at local share-shop`s exploring special plants and through diversely rich alternative complimentary self-health care optioning.

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  • Share information on the arts and sciences.






    Explore source herbology,


    Write to me if you are interested in attending Herbalism based study courses in the North Florida Region

    Email: Rxpimento “AT”    Note please replace the ‘at’ with the @ symbol in your email. This reading protects me from spammer bots, Thanks

    See  also About’ page

    Call to set up an appointment. Tel 386 454 1257







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