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Wearable Art / Aromatherapy









Amphora* wearable art – perfume amulets. These small semi closable bottles are made from recovered glass, dichroic glass and copper tubing.


Amphora offer one example of a low tech jewelry manufacture that can be fueled by gas methane reclaim synergies.


Amphora are 35.oo on up depending upon the tubing design that’s been chosen. The saddle bag shaped pieces are 45.oo.


Each Amphora comes with a small piece of Amber essence a solid perfume that’s calming to the nerves. Its made by grinding ancient tree resin into powder then mixing in either Frankincense, Boswellia glabra, Myrrh, Vetiveria zizanioides Vetiver Oil , Benzoin Liquidambar styraciflua and others, depending upon whats available.




Saddlebag design









< Single hole hanging style

Bead-less Amphora satin cord >




Some Amphora come with compliment antique or art glass beads depending up availability. All come with a small cork. Some come with cording others are fitted with leather.

We will attempt to fulfill all orders where color preference is requested but cannot guarantee exact color specifics.

The reddish color comes from copper showing through the glass on various pieces.


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