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Healing gardens


Plants, plants, plants !!!
Permaculture Herbalism acts as a sustainable model for growth and opportunity-sharing as people interact with the land this admits increases in citizens health scoring plus developmental platforms, offering potential in support local communities economic and social welfare.

On the side of plants power to help, many plants polyphenols antioxidants and bio-protective chemistry attest to natures giving side waiting to be discovered, grown and if applicable consumed.

In America gardening and Permaculture edifices are surging in popularity where neighborhood gardens spring up, giving people access and enjoyment as nature rediscovered or found for the very first time.
Some of the tropical species written about in my e-books can be found below…

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hibsabdisambi1            hibsabfs
The photo collage on the left distinguishes between true Roselle aka Hibiscus sabdariffa and ‘false Roselle’ H. acetocella) growing in the yard. The pink flower on your right drops off to reveal the large fleshy calyxes which differ from the red flower on the left and its smaller spiny calyxes as seen in photo.  The photo collage on the right shows the post harvest seed pods separated from the fruiting calyx as well, inches measurement of typical healthy calyx, seed pod size and shape. It has been reported this plant helps remove ammonia from the body useful in various dis-ease syndromes, it also lowers blood pressure so careful if already taking something for this condition), is traditionally used as a urinary tract tonification agent. Leaves are also sometimes used to make tea.




Pitaya red Dragon fruit vine, Hylocereus sp.


coroupita (1)

Couroupita guianensis Cannon ball tree source of isatin used as a dye


Lab lab purpureus Papillonaceae (1)

Some info and pics of the striking Lab Lab a vigorous bean grown mostly in the tropics, of African origin.
Hibiscus ambrette (3)

Hibiscus abelmochus  mochatus Ambrette

This annual sometimes called ‘vegan musk’ produces fragrant seeds that are often used in perfumery having the distinctive odor note of musk. The seeds have  medicinal uses including improving insulin sensitivity, anti oxidant free radical scavenging,  stimulates beta endorphin release, checks queasiness used in tincture form.




Conocarpus erectus tropical black olive seen above is an anti-quorum sensing plant that actively turns down bacterial and viral intercommunication an adaptive response to living in hostile environs. It can pass on this response to those who consume its bitter tasting leaf. Pucte’ the name given it by the Spanish is used to ward off colds flu and other more nefarious ills says it all, puckering and temporarily adding a rubbery feeling to ones oral cavity. This anti bio film agent is a sacred plant to the local native tribes of the south Florida region, often found growing near water older trees having large horizontal spreading branches with rough hewn twisted bark.



Spinach tree Cnidoscolus sp euphorbiacea Chayamansa above in flower. Not a true spinaca or spinach but a euphorbia sp. this one grows easily from cuttings, no need for prior rooting, ‘thrives on neglect. Chaya comes in two varieties the other is more spiny and has less leaf surface. Preparation: Leafs must be cooked boiled for long periods as they can be somewhat leathery, some people throw away the first boil water straining off and replacing then cooking again for 45 mins total time. Contains high beta carotene content also has stilbenes chemicals with high antioxidant and other potential effects which can cause ‘healing  crises’ if present in excess? See article below the health effects of this upright edible tree reaching to 18 ft!  Cuttings are available for trade, South Florida region



perrilla caulis (2)          perilliash

    Perilla Beefsteak leaf  2 varieties show here has a warm coriander like flavor, the various parts offer anti-inflammatory, anti secretory effects, used in various traditional Asian menu items and herbal preparations.



pereskia aculeata flowzwm     

Pereskia aculeata cactaceae   Barbados gooseberry a climbing thorny cactus produces nutritious fruits, will post pics when they show) This plant has recently been charted as possessing an anti glioblastoma agent. Its leaves contain Vitamin B-1& B2, careful of the spiny stems!




There are more medicinal species than can be counted”   Some genius said that



Gnaphyllum sp. Gordolobo’ Rabbit tobacco’  is anti asthmatic, can be gathered, dried and put into small pillow cases and kept on ones bedside pillow at night. The plant emits chemicals that help sooth the airways keeping inflammations down.




Bidens sp. can be prepared as a potherb boiled and served up (though some complain it has too high a silica content to be consumed with much regularity) its young flowers are edible raw and possess anti candida properties, can be put into alcohol used topically to control dandruff. Beyond these common uses Bidens is often employed against malaria in places like Uganda and against diabetes and other dangerous dis-eases, as noted by traditional medical sources. The flowers once dry emit soft spines that stick to pant legs hitchhiking a ride to new locales, these should not be consumed and are inedible.




Hydrocotle sp Marsh pennywort not to be confused with…>




Centellia asiatica Gotu cola (in with lawn grass) This amazing plant can help regrow nerves, is used as an experimental Alzheimer`s treatment / preventive and helps with weak capillaries, aids collagen repair. Its use may be cautioned against or restricted in certain cases? See>




basil holy basilcum closeup Ocimum killimandscharicum Kapoor Tulsi – Holy Basil, aka perennial Basil This sweet smelling upright plant is loaded with anti oxidants, will reach 6 ft in height likes being cut back, will live for over 10 years!


basil holy krishna Ocimum sanctum Holy Basil ‘Krishna’






hibiscus tileaceus
Dombey Hibiscus tileaceus There are countless varieties of these so called invasive trees known as tree hibiscus. This one senesces from yellow to orange to deep red as seen in photo above. The flower tea makes a rich drink, blood like in appearance, helps with oxidative stress, is anti oxidant and anti mutagenic. Another ‘useful invasive’…See>




Andrographis paniculata Kan jang, Kalmegh, King of the Bitters’ This plant affords the most popular cold and sore throat remedy for over 10 years in Scandinavia.


acathaceae collage

The photo collage shows some other members of the Acanthaceae family..Strobilanthes cusia pictured above on right can pass on genetic viability traits to other plants raising the immune resistance of other species. Interestingly, there may be issues with salicylate levels in treated plants also being raised?) This plant is seemingly remarkable as it has been shown to possess some ability in addressing spinal meningitis.



acacia farnesiana sweetdetail a Acacia farnesiana Sweet acacia





Food forests can contain a wide diversity of plants…




myracianthes fragrans wm

Myracianthes fragrans Simpsons stopper so called by early settlers for its ability to stop diarrhea episodes, its berries are loaded with anti oxidant powers. There is at least one report describing the discovery of benzene being present in the leafs, so it is advisable to avoid consumption of.


The world of nature also directs our attention to the fact some plants can be used to help heal other plants, the photos below attest to another such plant as well raises some questions.

citrus cure (2)

The photo shows the reaction citrus has to the application of Epazote dysphania ambriosides syn chenopodium ambriosides leaf juice, acting as a kind of bio-pesticide, derailing the psyllid based viral leaf curl. The newer growth on top lacks this characteristic. Apply leaf juice consecutively for 5 or six times in a row or staggered applications right before and during new leaf growth, seemingly the time of greatest insect invasion when leafs are most tender.

chenopodium immature Epazote is a familiar cooking and garnish herb to peoples of Central American and Island nations, is also used as a wormicidal killing worms. Its active constituent ascaridol means ‘against ascaries’ Latin for worms. Caution only the leaf juice is used for human consumption, the seeds are toxic.

Admitting natures complexity and its oft colliding narratives, Epazote is also known to carry the tomato leaf curl virus and so is hated by commercial tomato growers who rely on monoculture methods, often using weakened strains of crops that have become less vibrant due to over-use of artificial soils and chemical herbicidal interactions in soil.

Below are 2 Plant ID videos and one featuring Moringa sauce preparation. Enjoy!

Pepperweed Lepidium Virginicum

Moringa Oleifera Ben Oil tree Horseradish tree

The information found here is not intended to treat any medical condition. is provided for informational purposes only.



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  1. Ken horkavy says:

    Great info! Is there a significant medicinal difference between bidens alba and bidens pilosa?

  2. P V says:

    Not sure, have to check number of citations per each I guess…

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