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Exploring Tropical Nature E-Book Series


Exploring Tropical Nature


Part 1

This book series focuses through

Potent plant stories….evoking
Enlightened forestry stewardship practices
Plant science supporting positive healthy social change
Food and natural medicines sourcing
Enlightened citizen action-ing
Alternative crop harvesting
Info sharing strategies

Excerpted material…

Plant stories can illustrate the potential for uncovering elements of social change as in food and natural medicines sourcing spawning entrepreneurial citizen actioning re, alternative crop harvesting, info-sharing can aid farming strategies and help enlighten concerned environmentalists looking for innovative strategies in preserving forest corridor. Such efforts can also promote improving health while potentially spawning growth in economic gains for interested citizens who wish to expand their involvement in plant based work.

This book series overflows with updated herbal medicine discoveries via peer reviewed in depth studies, also looks at diverse issues, bio remediation, insect control methods and more. Examines foliar crop, super-food sourcing, toxicology issues and safety concerns set against an ever present media blackout on special tropical plants.

The books material arrive as fully referenced in depth plant stories exposing various species deeper lives that often go untold
Who might benefit: Regular people, farmers, concerned environmentalists, herbal medicine wild-crafters, new medicine discoverers, bio medical researchers, compassionate care activivists.


No species has ever been completely assayed” Steve King Phd

Featuring various ‘safe if you know how to use them’ plants with full color photos the ebook explores food sourcing and medicinal antimicrobial, anti-dis-ease tropical growers. It is the intent that this and the other volumes in the series enrich local understanding of tropical growers through their reported medicinal and food sourcing use-potentials, safety and handling, care of various species.


The information on this site is not intended as a substitute for proper medical attention.


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A portion of the sales of these works go to non-profits working in the Arts STEAM programming, permaculture and sustainability outreach initiatives.

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