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Medicinal Trees of South Florida

                                                            By M.D. Fairchild

                             Part 3 in the ebook series reviewing 39 amazing tropical tree species

$ 9.95


     Revealing hidden medicines..

Excerpted material


This series informs through renewed perspectives with the aim of fostering a better understanding of various tropical species through balanced integrated science based approaches, in some cases those  that take many ‘invasive species’ often hidden narratives into account. 

Part three in the pictorial read focuses on 39 more exotic species found in sunny south Florida, plants that are known for weathering intense warmth, benefiting from long seasonal growth phases, the regular presence of warm sun and when things are as usual, just enough friendly rain…? (yes I have noticed the weather is alot drier than usual…)


With clear color photographs accompanied by exhaustive reporting updated plant stories continue to emerge exposing more ‘secrets that aren’t really secret”.


                            Local plants as tropical genius chemists…


The e-books in this series are dedicated to citizen engagement discovering a widening nature, looking at data across disciplines, offering some insight into what is there in the nature all around us that can heal.


Knowledge of local plants empowers people so more people can benefit’.


Examining many hiding in plain sight tropical species for their gifts, color drenched exuberantly gushing floral spray, its well accepted the tropics have the potential to reflect more species diversity, determined by a warm inviting climates favorability for many kinds of plants (and insects and many other creatures) to thrive.Mirroring this vast potential, it is well recognized plants are responsible for about 87% of all new drug discovery.


gmelina asiatica                                                       Gmelia asiatica


Known as a mega biodiversity hotspot a historical marker for South Florida was 2012 being designated the hottest, driest season at that recent record, belies our usual damp tropical surroundings. At the time of this updated 2016 publication the last two seasons have brought several intense periods of drought, less regular rainfall patterns reflecting wider shifting weather patterns across the country. The local upshot many plants that normally thrive natives and others, may be experiencing difficulty owing the less rain than normal’ scenarios that  challenge even drought and heat tolerant plants. What can be done? Plant more trees!!! Hopefully billions of them in places beset by reflective land masses bereft of green…


Note: Bionomial nomenclature or the two names naming system’ is used in this book series while common names are given for easy association, the former is essential for avoiding species ambiguities and making positive ID.


Reflecting on the cycle of life, the richness and diversity of our planet this is mirrored in worldwide commerce and the transfer of knowledge and thus broadly in reference to our story, many introduced exotic species and their oft deeper hidden value as emerging from science yet, borrowing from cultures who have used these agents previously and continue to do so as part of traditional medicine practices.


An important part of the local tropical plant picture asks after preserving biodiversity, in many cases an exercise in replantation efforts aimed at reestablishing pockets of Florida`s tropical rainforest and in many other places around the world.

Suggesting one notice nature in its various contexts, as food sourcing, medicine finding or simply enjoying natures charms, nature studies admit allowing deepening connection to ones surroundings and in relation, invites important discussions re sustainability, self-efficacy and self-reliance.


In regards these publications what arrives are the various narratives that come with plants maybe, “invasive species” problems and promise? A place where ethno- botany exposes important discoveries evidencing natures power to heal, it is well accepted plant cultures expanding pictures are known for affecting worldwide health scoring. (WHO)


Tying in it is estimated there maybe as many as three hundred thousand species that could thrive in the earths temperate regions. A deepening glance and one begins to get a picture of the vast abundance of resources the tropics hold as well, what a shifting, thriving or challenged nature means to humanity.



Reviewing 39 food and or medicine trees hidden wonders….


Important plant stories found in this e-book include the iconic assets:
Pau de Arco
Bauhinia sp
Java plum
and 25 more pan-tropical trees known for their healing potentials.


The materials on this site are for informational purposes only and are not to be considered as a substitute for qualified medical assistance.

When you purchase the e-books in this series you act to support increasing understanding of local biodiversity, funding neighborhood permaculture installations and knowledge sharing efforts in South Florida.

A portion of the sales of these works go to non-profits working in the Arts STEAM programming, permaculture and sustainability outreach initiatives.

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3 Responses to Medicinal Trees of South Florida

  1. Sean says:

    i agree, look forward to reading more

  2. Karen Stopford says:

    I am wondering how to purchase the book, and also what are the first two parts of the series? I am a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner and acupuncturist who is interested in healing gardens, organic herb growing and education, and community outreach. I am about to move to Florida in 4 weeks and would be very interested in not only getting started with a project, but learning more about LAMP.

    Thank you for your help!

    Karen Stopford, Heart Wisdom Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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