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Florida`s Underutilized Crops







Part 2 in a continuing series this e-book focuses on 29 little recognized mostly unknown species for their food and or, medicine sourcing capabilities.


This e-book series looks at potent sustainability options for South Florida through better familiarity with local plants, considering invasive`s harvesting as income generators, alternative food and herbal assets found in local communities, those with the added potential for shoring up disaster relief efforts, or used in first aid when conventional medicines are unavailable.


Fully referenced  in depth plant stories exposing various species deeper narratives including:


Balsam pear
Tecomaria capense
Andean sunflower
and 24 more known for their power to help.

Note: Bionomial nomenclature or the two names naming system’ is used in this book series while common names are given for easy association, the former is essential for avoiding species ambiguities and making positive ID).

The materials on this site are for informational purposes only and are not to be considered as a substitute for qualified medical assistance.

A portion of the sales of these works go to non-profits working in the Arts STEAM programming, permaculture and sustainability outreach initiatives.

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