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Self – Care practicum

Basic self care can be found aligned with prevention and injury management. A common example: Stretching routines elongate muscles helping with stiffness and circulation. Going beyond this everyday understanding recent discoveries in science allow a peering inside of the bodies inner workings to see what was never understood, prior to updated findings.

Proprioceptors (from Proprius Latin for ‘ones own’) are spindle nerve bodies  located at the center point of muscle bellies. They act as two way messenger systems ferrying info back and forth in the nervous system, from limb or part, to brain and back again. When doing a movement with some part of the body proprioceptors help give the brain directive agency in regards position and effort related tension in the muscle being used. It offers an elegant kind of two way feedback mechanism that ultimately allows the brain to make finite adjustments to body movement and therefore a perceived, ‘body state’. If for example, if there is injury to a part proprioceptors would then be helping make the connections telling the nervous system to move strongly away from the danger.

In this way proprioceptors act as kinds of signaling the body, giving off signal about body state and or the unconscious normal resting state, or maybe, its higher tensile functioning, as imagined through the lens of wholistic sports science. Sports uses stretching in order to warm up before a game or keep muscles elongated for greater potential contraction upon activation. It is conversely known that a muscle thats over tense may act as immobilizer of muscles tissue and therefore, stretching a part or global stretching can be of benefit to a tense body and mind.

When a comfortable stretch is achieved one typically experiences some state of relaxation as its now known one spinal segment can invite others down the chain as picking up the ‘good signal’. In this way treating the forearm might benefit ones neck tension levels as a kind of drawing away of signal’, via brains focus on the stretch and new proprioceptive learning levelling off over-focus in brain regions preoccupied with neck tension.



The examples as shown above and below demonstrate the hand positions and 2 muscle structures of forearms. The targeted stretch targets muscle bellies with thumb pressure upon simultaneous elongation of muscles. in this case  as hand stretches down away from posterior surface flexioning towards wrist. One side of the arm is typically done before moving on to the other side. The thumb is pressed into the various muscle bellies as the stretching action occurs smoothly a few times on each area of tension.






Always observe for contraindications, recent sprain, ligamental tears, nerve inflammation. If in doubt contact your health care worker.


The information on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness.





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